Finger-Friendly Friends

Finger-Friendly Friends 1.1

Access your contacts with your finger!


  • Gorgeous interface
  • Large, touchscreen QWERTY keyboard
  • Lightweight app


  • No support for adding or editing contacts
  • A few bugs


Since the iPhone landed on planet Earth it seems like every mobile developer is trying to come up with a way of managing contacts as slickly as the Apple device does.

This effort from 'Jotto' Andersen is a noble one, presenting your Pocket PC contacts in an interesting and innovative manner and allowing you to access them without the use of the stylus. To call up someone in your address book, you simply need to start typing on the large QWERTY keyboard and matching records will pop up above. Simply click the contact that you want and you're then ready to get in touch with them.

You can then choose to call them, send an SMS or email, or even send them your GPS location via Google Maps. The screens are beautifully presented with a black background, colourful Mac-style icons and a stylish keyboard. Accessing contacts is a very quick affair and the program uses very little memory.

Unfortuately there are a few key features missing, such as the ability to add or edit contacts (there is a one-click link to your Outlook address book though) and I noticed quite a few bugs when testing the program. For example, if you try to access a record with no details stored the program crashes.

Nevertheless, Finger-Friendly Friends is a decent attempt at replicating the iPhone-style contacts manager on Windows Mobile.

Finger-Friendly Friends


Finger-Friendly Friends 1.1

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